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Best Day/Worst Day – Without Limits
To learn what needs to be present in order to have good days and what needs to be absent to avoid bad days. This provides less detail than the good day/bad day questions but will frequently identify the critical issues. What is learned is added to the person centered plan.


Ask the following questions, and ask that the person you are asking really focus on the person, not their own interests. Ask them to think about possibilities outside of the person’s typical routine, and beyond the good day/bad day responses. This is a time to imagine a perfect day without limits of resources (staff, money, etc.). Yet this also remains within some level of possibility. Be sensitive to steer clear of answers pertaining to pure fantasy. For example, a cure or to ‘fix’ the person by making the disability disappear is not the intention here. We are looking for the persons’ ideal best and absolute worst day, if resources were without limits..


Part 1 – Create the Best Day Possible
If we wanted this person to have the best possible day and resources (money or people’s time) were not an obstacle
– What would you do?
– What would the day be like?


Part 2 – Create the Worst Day Possible
If we wanted the person to have the worst possible day (perhaps your evil twin took over)…
– What would you do?
– What would the day be like?