Discovery Skills: Positive Rituals Survey


To identify rituals and routines that must be present in a person’s life to create and contribute to a feeling of contentment, comfort and satisfaction. This also helps to identify what parts of a routine to keep and/or change. These things typically identify or support what is ‘Important To’ the person.


Rituals often bring balance and structure to a person’s life and create a positive outlook. Pay particular attention to the beginning and end of the day rituals. Each of us have specific activities that we do every day. The more support the person needs, the more details are included in the tool. The more control the person has, the less you need to record and share about their rituals.

The morning ritual is often included as an example, and is only one specific ritual. Other rituals include night time (going to bed), transition, cultural, holiday, spiritual, comfort, birthday, celebration, and coping with illness. List the person’s major daily rituals. As a ritual is selected, as the person how their ritual starts. What are the “must haves” or “must do’s” to make this ritual a positive experience. Also ask “does the sequence matter,” “who else needs to be a part of it for you,” and what do you do next?”

After capturing/recording the routine or ritual, analyze and review the information with the person, asking “what does this reveal to us that is Important To the person?” Some answers will be very concrete and clear – such as sharing dinner with my family every day; wearing comfortable (not itchy or tight) clothes. Other answers may require more analysis and synthesis. Note that some people are not “allowed” to have a comfort ritual and others need help in finding a comfort ritual that reflects a balance between Important To and Important For.