Management Skills: Decision Tree – Yours, Mine, & Ours


To empower people and create clarity about how to support them in their decisions. Clearly identifying areas in the person’s life where decisions need to be made helps to build clarify and collaboration on a team when making decisions. Some decisions are for the person (mine), some are for those offering support (yours), and others are for both (ours). For example, are medical procedures decision that a person will make on their own, with family, or together? Is there an area where several people will share the responsibility, but not the full team? Remember to always include the individual who’s life is impacted by the decision.


With the person, think through the following three questions. If appropriate, ask those who best know and care about the person to also provide input. Make sure these added responses are recorded in addition, and do not take the place of recording the person’s own decisions. Where there is disagreement the working/not working tool may help clarify how to move forward.