Problem-Solving Skills: 4 + 1 Questions


To collect and organize the learning that has been done about a person or a project. A way to focus future efforts based on the learning.


Begin with the focus or issue that the 4 +1 is to address. It should then be posted as the “lead-in” for the 4 questions. (e.g. Since the last time we got together to look at how we can help Harry lose weight…)

  • What have we tried?
  • What have we learned?
  • What are we pleased about?
  • What are we concerned about?

When this is done in a meeting each question is posted on a flip chart page and those who are participating get up and write on each page. At after everyone has finished writing there is discussion and then the “+1” question is asked –

What should we try/do next based on what we have learned?